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Android code is out there

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Just as the early adopters are starting to queue for the first Android phone, which goes on sale tomorrow (Oct. 22), Google fulfilled its pledge to release the source code. Lots of reporters covered it, among them Stephen Shankland who came up with a pretty good rundown of the whole story. Having the code open to everyone promises unforeseeable ideas and uses down the road, so the excitement is warranted even if its current reality leaves room for improvement. Naturally, as with anything tech, there are contrarians. (Image courtesy of IGN.)


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October 21, 2008 at 10:45 am

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  1. WARNING: Android devices are NOT open…

    With the free source code you can design your own Android version, but you will never get it on your precious T-Mobile G1. Because you cannot change it’s ROM, Google’s Rich Miner told me. So if you want to run your own fork of the Android operating s…

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