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Shock: gamers have friends

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It’s kinda silly that this still needs to be said, but most video gamers aren’t social outcasts who live off cold pizza and warm Mountain Dew. There’s even a new research report, Are You Game?, from IGN and Ipsos Media to prove it. “Based on the research, it’s obvious that the gaming market has outgrown many commonly held stereotypes about the relative homogeneity of video gamers,” says Adam Wright, Director of Research for Ipsos Media CT.

Over half of gamers (55%) are married, and those who aren’t have active dating lives. Their average household income is $79,000 per year (the average for non-gamer households is $54,000). In addition, gamers were 13% more likely to go out to a movie, 11% more likely to play sports and 9% more likely to go out with friends than non-gamers. Gamers also influence friends and family about movies, TV, consumer purchases and other topics of interest to advertisers than do non-gamers.


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October 25, 2008 at 11:33 pm

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