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Digital Coast or Silicon Valley?

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Respected British newspaper the Financial Times has an article on why Los Angeles is becoming the preferred location for new digital media and online advertising companies. It cites the proximity to film studios, the weather and lifestyle, and the convenient travel to the brains of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Walt Disney and Paramount Pictures Paramount Pictures are among the studios with sophisticated digital distribution businesses: Disney’s ABC television network was the first to stream its programming online, for example,” the article notes.

The piece goes on to discuss News Corporation’s Fox Interactive Media and its move to Playa Vista next year, paying particular attention to the potential of Hulu.

“All of our businesses will come together in a single campus,” says Peter Levinsohn, president of FIM. “We’ve really built out the engineering and technical capability of our workforce. We’ve been able to hire high-quality executives and engineers from northern California and bring them to Los Angeles.”

Other new media companies included in the story are Sony Pictures’ Crackle, cinema ticket service, Fandango, eHarmony,, PriceGrabber and Frank Addante’s ad optimization company Rubicon Project. (Creative Commons image by tiendan.)


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October 30, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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