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Hollywood should love the iPhone

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In another move along the same road as some music labels, Gigaom has a piece by Craig Rboltubens about movie studios offering promotional content in the form of free iPhone apps. It gives as example the app for Quantum of Solace, Sony Picture’s latest entry into the James Bond film oeuvre, which includes the trailer and everything else one might find in a website. It also offers to purchase Another Way to Die – the film’s theme song by the inimitable Jack White and sung by him and Alicia Keys – obviously, from the iTunes store. As an aside, the song also was released as a downloadable for Activision’s Guitar Hero World Tour.

Other examples from the article are iPhone apps for Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight and Disney’s Nov. 21 animated adventure Bolt that include games, sendables and more. It goes on to say that it is not possible to purchase movie tickets from these apps, blaming that lack on Hollywood. Actually, however, it is possible to buy tickets from an iPhone using a free app from established services or Fandango.


Written by chris

November 15, 2008 at 7:40 pm

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