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Making science less weird

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The National Academy of Sciences announced the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an easy and direct way for Hollywood to get accurate information from science, medicine and engineering experts for use in their work.dr-bunsen-honeydew-and-assistant-beaker

My first job was as a technical writer, and my father literally was a rocket scientist, so this idea is dear to my heart. Let me just add a small rant… Bats are not blind. There are sounds in space but people can’t hear them. Krakatoa is west of Java. There, I feel better now.

The S&E Exchange is hosting its first event this Wednesday, an invitation-only symposium designed to bring together 200 entertainment industry professionals with top scientists at CAA’s Century City offices. Hosted by Family Guy’s Seth McFarlane, it will include directors Jerry Zucker, Lawrence Kasdan, Chris Weitz, Kimberly Pierce, Jocelyn Moorhouse and production designer Rick Carter with Steve Chu (Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in Physics), and so many more people that you really should click through on the link. (Via Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily


Written by chris

November 17, 2008 at 11:28 pm

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