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Parentally pre-approved games

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herods-tombNational Geographic is expanding the value of its knowledge-based entertainment through a partnership with Namco Bandai and Sony Computer Entertainment. National Geographic Games will publish and develop games across major gaming console, handheld, online and mobile platforms as a way for the renowned brand to reach a broader audience.

First out is Herod’s Lost Tomb, a simple search game that draws attention to content from the December 2008 issue of National Geographic magazine (pictured) as well as its National Geographic Channel feature broadcast on the biblical figure King Herod. Playing the flash version online puts you on the same page as additional nifty content like a 360 degree tour of Herod’s kingdom, an interactive map and more. The game also can be downloaded to play on PC, Mac and iPhone. I hadn’t realized how much National Geographic Channel I watch until I immediately recognized the theme music on the game. Next on the schedule are National Geographic: Panda (Namco Bandai) and National Geographic: Africa (SCE). No sharks yet, though.


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November 18, 2008 at 11:58 am

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