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Stressed? Pay full retail!

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Sony would like us to believe that fixing its retail prices is a beneficent gesture from a caring corporation. Sony Electronics’ US president Stan Glasgow and consumer sales president Jay Vandenbree spoke with reporters in New York, and Saul Hansell blogged about it for the New York Times. When questioned about the company’s Sony Unified Resale Execution rule preventing retailers from discounting Sony’s Alpha digital camera line, its more expensive televisions and some other high-end products, Vandenbree said that by having the price for these products be the same at all retailers, Sony had eliminated stress for buyers. He added that stores can now compete on things like service andsony-alpha1 support. Hansell helpfully added links to two articles from electronics trade publication Twice for further information on the briefing.

The general public isn’t feeling warm and fuzzy about Sony’s rule, however. One sample posting on the NY Times’ Bits blog from reader CD said: “Thank you so much for relieving me of the stress associated with buying Sony products, Mr. Glasgow. Now I can avoid purchasing all Sony products on principle alone.”


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November 21, 2008 at 11:07 am

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