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Blitz unveils 3D console gaming

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Andrew Oliver of Blitz Games Studios unveiled a true stereoscopic 3D console game during the panel I moderated at the 3D Entertainment Summit. Anyone in attendance could try a level of it for themselves, too – the as-yet untitled kung fu game was running off an Xbox 360 on one screen and a PlayStation 3 on a separate screen in the demo room next door. Oliver said he believed this was a worlblitztechlogod first for the industry, and I can’t think of anything that disproves him. He told me the game had only been in production for a few months, which is why there were some iffy moments (like when fighters were on the tiled palace roof), but it was already effective. Interestingly, some of the most impressive aspects of playing in 3D were the least dramatic, such as when a new fighter would join the fray from behind a closed door.

Oliver said Blitz’s goal was to produce 3D games that had the user-friendliness of consoles rather than needing to be installed on a PC. The game has a simple menu where players select which monitor they’re using, and it automatically makes all of the other adjustments. It even makes an educated guess about how far away players are sitting (an important factor in getting the 3D to look right) based on how large a screen they select – Oliver said people playing on a 50-inch TV are unlikely to be sitting two feet away, for example.


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December 2, 2008 at 11:24 am

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