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More than 12 million online fairies

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pixie-hollowI just received an invitation to “Become a Fairy at” There is no way I’m in the target audience, but it gave me an excuse to check out Disney’s new MMO-lite. Disney says more than 12 million personalized fairies have already been created, many by girls who discovered the online world via a toy from the Clickables Fairy Collection. Members of the world can play games that correspond with the underlying theme that every person has a special valuable talent. They also can collect items, do craft projects, earn redeemable points, and engage in other similar activities. Lots of stuff is free to do, but it quickly becomes clear that the place is set up for paid membership ($5.95 a month, $57.95 annually). There’s a lot more to what Disney is doing to extend the entire Pixie Hollow property – including books, console games, park attractions, odd things like a guitar strap, a full range of clothing and more – but what I really like is that the technology doesn’t make a big deal out of itself. The attraction is the intellectual property and what children can do to interact with it. The amazing underlying technology is simply a fact, no more worth mentioning than the fact that some of the toys need batteries.


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December 6, 2008 at 11:50 pm

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