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MPAA’s approach to Obama

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mpaalogoThe Electronic Frontier Foundation has posted an analysis of a document titled MPAA’s Key International Trade Issues. It was submitted to the Obama-Biden Transition Project, which made it available on its official website as part of its stated commitment to open government.

EFF’s analysis begins with this summary:

“Some of the MPAA’s agenda is reasonable, such as cracking down on commercial optical disc piracy. But much of it, if adopted, would result in a substantially less free and safe internet, at little or no actual benefit to the artists and workers the MPAA claims to represent.”

It concludes with the hope that Obama’s administration will “stand up to the MPAA’s lobbying.” But you should read up on this stuff for yourself and let Obama’s team know what you think.


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December 11, 2008 at 11:55 pm

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