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old-cell-phonesNow that mobile television is relatively common in Asia, its U.S. equivalent is set to move forward in 2009. The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) announced that 63 stations in 22 markets, covering 35 percent of U.S. television households, have “declared their intention” to launch live, local and national over-the-air ATSC Mobile DTV services this year.

These stations include the following affiliates: 14 NBC, nine ABC, nine CBS, five Fox, nine Ion Television, four CW and four MyNetworkTV. Additionally, nine PBS stations are working toward meeting the same launch goal.

The OMVC showed off their capabilities at CES by bringing together several local TV stations, compliant devices from LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics, and Harris Corporation transmission equipment. (Creative Commons photo by heskettk.) (Thanks to Pete Townshend for the title lyric.)


Written by chris

January 6, 2009 at 10:20 pm

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