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obama-hopeMillions of people watched President Obama’s inauguration online, with CNN taking the honors as top online destination. That’s according to Nielsen Online, which reported that CNN had more than 11 million unique viewers. (MSNBC Digital came in second with 10 million, followed by Yahoo News with 9.1 million, then Fox News Digital and AOL News, in that order.)

What the mainstream media didn’t mention, however, was that this remarkable event and achievement was aided by the much maligned peer-to-peer technology. TorrentFreak explained that CNN was able to provide video to this many simultaneous viewers by using P2P file sharing technology from the Denmark-based company Octoshape. Every viewer who chose the default Flash player first had to download an Octoshape plug-in, and that made it possible to share each stream with other viewers.

That’s a considerable savings in bandwidth costs for CNN, an improved viewing experience for the audience, and another reason to support net neutrality – is yours one of the ISPs that blocks P2P traffic or caps bandwidth usage? (Apologies to Blackie & the Rodeo Kings for the title lyric pun.)


Written by chris

January 25, 2009 at 10:09 pm

Posted in Culture, Internet

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