recognizing Arthur C. Clarke’s third law

Lip service is all you’ll ever get

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headphonesMost companies pay homage to customer engagement and empowerment by offering places online for feedback, comments, complaints and other types of interaction. But it’s mostly just lip service, as Adweek reported in a story about a survey by the CMO Council. Less than a fifth (16%) even bother to track company message boards. Meanwhile, 31% give a good score to their commitment to listening to consumers. Assuming all CMOs who track message boards give themselves a good listening score, that leaves 15% who somehow genuinely believe they’re listening to their customers yet who don’t bother reading what their customers have to say online. What are they doing instead, one wonders rhetorically. (Title lyric by Elvis Costello. Creative Commons photo by Mr.Tea / Stephen Train)


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January 28, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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