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They click when I play the piano

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edward_scissorhandsI have been locked out of the touchscreen revolution/evolution. I prefer to keep my fingernails a little long (sometimes more than a little long), and therefore cannot use an iPhone, a BlackBerry Storm, or anything else that relies on a capacitive panel input. Even using a laptop’s track pad is awkward, although I have developed hand contortions for use when necessary.

Friends who are aware of my situation kindly send me links to things like the Dots Gloves, which have little metallic alloy nubs so people don’t have to expose their hands to cold weather when using their touchscreen devices. Or the Pogo Stylus, which seems designed to solve the problems of gloves and/or pudgy fingers but which doesn’t allow for the two-fingered “pinch” action. Those don’t really solve the problem, though. Other less understanding friends have suggested I forgo the fingernails, which is an even worse idea. Technology will simply have to adapt. (Title lyric by Joe Ely.)


Written by chris

February 9, 2009 at 11:48 pm

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