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Simon on No Rock and Roll Fun wrote an impassioned and logical deconstruction of an editorial U2’s manager Paul McGuinness wrote for Le Figaro (that was picked up by The Guardian newspaper). In it, McGuinness declares his love for the new French law that ultra-criminalizes Internet-enabled piracy. This legislation mandates ISPs to police their content and provides tiered penalties that begin with a warning email, then a letter, and then completely disconnects the miscreant from the Internet for between two months and a year. McGuinness warns against thwarting the stadium-sized aspirations of rising musicians; Simon sees a digitally-enabled world in which, “You might not have the sort of career where you wind up with so much cash sloshing about in your pockets you can buy luxury hotels and massive ranches in LA. But you can make a decent living, and provide for your family.” [Title lyric by Bruce Dickinson.]


Written by chris

April 8, 2009 at 4:34 pm

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