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jamie-rossBritish tabloids, never known for their understated good taste, are treading in new and unpleasant territory: copying things from personal blog postings and presenting them as though they were from interviews gathered in the practice of journalism. Case in point is what the Scottish Sun did to a humorous young writer named Jamie Ross. He has been keeping an entertaining blog about his life as someone with the type of cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. One morning Jamie’s father told him there was an interview with him in the Scottish Sun, a story that Jamie describes as, “2000 heavily-edited and copyrighted words of mine in a double-page feature, complete with photographs of me that I’d never seen before. This was without asking me, notifying me, paying me, or consulting me.” Read more and follow developments at Bloggerheads.
This follows a reprehensible and pointless story [PDF] in the Sunday Express that looked up the online profiles of students who survived the 1996 school massacre of 17 people in Dunblaine. It then presented these typical young peoples’ Facebook and MySpace entries as some sort of insult to those who died. Bloggerheads is on that case too. [Title lyric by Dolly Parton, photo of Jamie Ross from The Independent.]


Written by chris

April 11, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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