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twitter-birdThere is a growing chorus of protest from celebrities at Reveille Productions (home of the U.S. versions of The Office and Ugly Betty) and Brillstein Entertainment’s idea of using Twitter as the basis for an interactive reality show.

According to the press release, which was slipped to a few outlets under cover of the holiday, the show will put “ordinary people on the trail of celebrities in a revolutionary competitive format.”

The proposed show would be executive produced by Amy Ephron (sister of Norah Ephron).

Among those tweeting their vociferous objections are Alyssa Milano, Sara Gilbert and Demi Moore. As Moore put it, in the Twitter-allotted 140 characters, “If that show happens we will all leave and there will be no show.”

Ashton Kutcher, who besides being an actor also knows about unscripted programming, later added: “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets stalked.”

The not-famous are objecting, too. Nearly 500 people signed up to “follow” user No_Tweet_Show within the first hour the account went live, which was shortly after #nottwittertv showed up in the top ten of Twitter’s trending topics chart.

There’s already a book coming out in October that is simply a collection of tweets. HarperCollins got ex-Gawker Nick Douglas to edit it, and he put up a website to which people were invited to send their favorite tweets.  Although it’s not officially affiliated, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone encouraged Twitter users to participate.

At least Douglas is asking permission first and giving credit to contributors, even if he did disingenuously claim in the site’s FAQ: “It’s not about wringing money out of you.”

(Title lyric from OK Go.)


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