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They’ve got a pipeline to the city

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MonticelloA town in Minnesota won the legal right to supply every one of its homes with fiber. The government of Monticello decided to lay its own fiber optic network, but the local phone company sued them. Bridgewater, a unit of TDS Telecom, contended that since Internet provision wasn’t a utility the project was an unfair use of government power to compete with private business.

While the legal wheels slowly turned, the telco took the opportunity to roll out its own fiber network.

Now, Monticello and other towns thinking of similar infrastructure projects are facing a completely different environment – one that has an existing fiber network already in place, and therefore one in which a municipal project is more difficult to justify.

(Title lyrics from Minnesota Strip by the Dictators.)


Written by chris

June 3, 2009 at 10:07 pm

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