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songkickSongkick launched as a social network-enhanced site to buy concert tickets. Since then, however, it has been adding a lovingly compiled and growing database of all things related to live music. Wired calls it a crowdsourced concert scrapbook, which is a pretty good description.

Users can add entire concerts in addition to fleshing out their online collection of shows by uploading  photos, videos, scans of setlists, ticket stubs and flyers, their own original reviews, links to professional reviews and other elements.

It requires a download and – in these early days – the UK is disproportionally represented. But it’s already fun to browse around, and users already are jockeying for bragging rights based on quantity and exclusivity.

The oldest concert entry I could find was 12 July 1962, the Rolling Stones at the Marquee Club in London. Then I did what everyone else will do and tried to stump it by searching for obscure bands and venues. That’s kinda easy to do – especially because people enter their own metadata, so places turn up with multiple name variants – but that will change as users fill in the gaps.

Information about upcoming concerts is gathered from 29 ticketing agencies, so it has a strategy for completeness going forward. You can also have it scan the music on your computer so it can track those artists for you, in addition to tracking whichever other criteria you indicate. Then Songkick will send you alerts and updates as you specify, along with networking all this data among your Songkick friends. Integration with Facebook and MySpace is in the works.

(Title lyric by John Miles.)


Written by chris

June 12, 2009 at 10:00 pm

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