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SlotradioSansa’s SlotRadio is one of the few electronic gadgets I haven’t craved on sight. The tiny and well-designed $100 player caught my attention at CES, until I realized it only plays $40 proprietary pre-loaded micro-SD cards and has a (theoretically) non-replaceable battery.

Each of those Billboard magazine-branded cards admittedly has 1,000 high-fidelity songs – that’s just 4 cents each – but they can’t be deleted or moved to another device or anything.

I bring it up now because recently I’m encountering Father’s Day marketing efforts focused on grass-roots techniques like Twitter-based competitions and blog seeding.

What’s interesting is the pickup on SlotRadio’s messaging: “It’s great music, made effortless.”

The product clearly isn’t meant for someone like me, who loves both music and gadgets. So, do many people find it that onerous to use digital media players? And if they do, wouldn’t something like a Rhapsody subscription ($13 a month) and compatible player (starting at $25 or so) be more appealing than its market share would indicate?

(Title lyric from Public Enemy.)


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June 14, 2009 at 7:51 pm

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